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Global business leaders rely on OmniTrak for intelligence and guidance as they cultivate opportunities in new markets and translate their brand values to new customer bases at home and abroad.

Hon. Patricia M. Loui

A Unique Vantage Point.

Proudly headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii since its founding in 1981.

Hawaii: The only state in the nation where conversations with Asia, the West Coast and the East Coast all happen in a single business day. The most ethnically diverse state in the nation and the gateway to Asia-Pacific for American businesses.

Thinking globally and acting locally to partner with clients for their success in diverse marketplaces.

  • OmniTrak leverages aha insights into winning strategies for Fortune 100 multi-nationals, Hawaii's private and public sector leaders, and regional brands.
  • 15 countries, 12 languages, and consumers influenced by Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Confucianism, Socialism or simply social media. That's the breadth we bring to clients.
  • Strategizing ROI whether consulting on 1 of only 2 new cities in the U.S. in 100 years, the Buick launch for GM-SAIC when Pudong had open fields instead of skyscrapers, or growing Japanese shopping spend abroad.
  • With an agile and diverse team, we can help clients gain economies of scale by exploring multiple markets and navigating influences specific to your marketplace.
  • Founded by Pat Loui, former Chief Marketing Officer at the #1 bank in the U.S. and a United Nations social marketing planner in Asia Pacific.

Trusted By The World's Leading Brands.

Tourism | Healthcare | Telecom | Retail | Entertainment

Whether high tech or high touch, a brand's emotional relationship with customers drives brand equity. 

Aha moments enable today's great brands to cross borders, jump boundaries and win a share of the market's heart.

Expanding markets, developing new products, re-thinking servicing, increasing loyalty, growing equity, and more... All in a day's consulting work...

35 Years Worth Of Expertise, At Your Service.


Market Navigation

GPS for Business Decisions

Insightful intelligence is the key to navigating the dynamic marketplace. While digital dashboards measure how your organization is doing, OmniTrak's team goes well beyond dashboards, illuminating your journey with actionable insights, ranging from exploratory concept development, to demand studies, communication and market strategies, brand health, marketing effectiveness, economic impact, and beyond. Within this diversity of services, OmniTrak provides a number of proprietary analytical services, including:

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Travel & Leisure
Travel Era Asia
The People's Pulse -Public Opinion Research
Brand Heart
Other Quantitavtive and Qualitative Methodologies

Our Leadership Team

Hon. Patricia M. Loui

Hon. Patricia M. loui

Founder & CEO

Chris Kam

Chris Kam


Alan Ellis

Alan Ellis

Executive Vice President

Hon. Patricia M. Loui, Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO Hon. Patricia M. Loui is an international business woman whose expertise includes research, service and social marketing, and trade. Loui returned to OmniTrak in 2016 after serving for four-and-a-half years on the full-time Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. In this presidential-appointed, Senate-confirmed position at Ex-Im, Loui provided leadership on the Asia portfolio, where authorizations grew 20 percent, including new strategic initiatives in China and ASEAN. As OmniTrak CEO for more than 30 years, Loui expanded the company's portfolio to the culturally diverse markets of the Pacific Rim. She consulted with General Motors in the automaker's decision to select Buick to introduce in the GM-SAIC joint venture and on a country branding strategy; with The Walt Disney Company on a Disney-phile model for Asia, and with DFS Group to grow share among new and rapidly growing Asian tourists.  She also led OmniTrak to become the first American company to conduct market research in Vietnam after suspension of sanctions, and one of the first to undertake studies in secondary cities in China. Prior to founding OmniTrak, Loui served as Chief Marketing and Product Development Officer at Bank of Hawaii.

Christopher Kam, President

President Chris Kam’s deep expertise in marketing research and forecasting spans more than 25 years and covers both the public and private sectors. A key OmniTrak executive, he leads the Marketing Insights and Development team which includes departments for statistics, analysis and reporting, data processing and consulting services.  He dives deeply into survey analytics looking for the “aha” insights that transform research data into a competitive advantage. Kam is especially known for travel and tourism industry research and forecasting. Prior to joining OmniTrak, he served as the Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau’s Senior Director of Market Insights from 1996 to 2016.  In that role, he served on the Bureau’s Marketing team and Marketing Advisory Committee. Kam possesses a deep understanding of Hawai‘i’s visitor industry and has worked closely with the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s Research Department for many years. He is also a popular and well-regarded speaker at national trade conferences, known for delivering complex data with useful action-oriented insights as well as with a sense of humor.

Alan Ellis, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President Alan Ellis is responsible for data collection and field operations. He has built an outstanding reputation for consistently delivering a high quality, accurate product on-time and with excellent service. In addition to his career at OmniTrak, Ellis has served on the client side – as Research and Marketing Manager for DFS Hawaii.  In this role, he managed a pro-active customer satisfaction research program for DFS.  By integrating both research and internal sales data, DFS successfully developed new products for its high value customers. Currently, Ellis successfully and strategically manages projects across all four Hawaii counties and in East Asia, and has a well-earned reputation for excellent quality control. Ellis has more than 30 years of experience in field management of data collection across multiple methodologies – from internet self-administered to telephone to in-person intercepts to complex multi-country studies. 

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