For over 35 years the OmniTrak Group has been helping clients succeed with their business issues. Our Group was founded on the principle that marketing research must help our clients have a positive impact on their business goals. With respect to the travel industry, we have been working with our travel clients on their brand positioning, analyzing demand potential, profiling target markets, segmenting their markets, determining the impact of guest satisfaction, and measuring advertising and marketing effectiveness. In 2018, we are taking over one of the largest travel profiling programs in the world, formerly called TravelsAmerica, using the same panel, processes, and people.

Simply stated, we know:

The Travel Industry, as we are conducting over 100,000 traveler interviews each year.

Your issues, as our President was the former head of insights for one of the largest DMOs in the country.

How to turn data into insights.

How to write reports that tell a story to address your business goals.

Our entire team is excited to contribute our expertise, accuracy, and quality, and we look forward to embarking on insightful journeys with you!

John Packer

OmniTrak’s Travel & Leisure lead

TravelTrakAmerica: We speak with travelers —lots of them

14000 households.png


a month...






each year...


...and over

1 million

travelers in the last

6 years

We are the official research vendor of record to the

TravelTrakAmerica: Where they live and where they go

We know where they live

where they live.png
Northeast Region South Region
New England Division Mid Atlantic Division South Atlantic Division East South Central Division West South Central Division

We know where they visit

North Central Region West Region
East N. Central Division West N. Central Division Pacific Division

TravelTrakAmerica: What we know

Trip Characteristics

 44 Trip activities

44 Trip activities

 9 Spend categories

9 Spend categories

 Trip satisfaction

Trip satisfaction

 Past 3 year  visit history

Past 3 year

visit history

 Intent to visit

Intent to visit

 Booking method

Booking method

 Brand hotel details

Brand hotel details

 Planning method

Planning method

How is TravelTrakAmerica Unique?

US Travel Association's Vendor of Record

Monthly data collection

TravelTrakAmerica was developed and is run by DMO team members

Our reports are told in a story telling format

Digital segmentation of travelers

It is continuously being refreshed

The ability to conduct follow-up surveys

  • Since we know that a given traveler went to a particular destination, we have the ability to resurvey them with a custom survey based on specific client needs.

Specific Benefits

  • Very efficient since known travelers are identified
  • Very cost effective based on 100% incidence of these travelers
  • Very accurate due to lower recall bias

More timely delivery of data

  • On the first or second Wednesday of each month a new wave of the survey is fielded, targeting respondents who traveled in the previous month.

  • Each wave remains in field for two weeks before the survey is closed.

  • Faster data delivery.

Calendar Year 2018: Schedule
Target Month Field Dates Quarterly Data Delivery Annual Data Delivery
January 2/14 - 2/27
February 3/7 - 3/20
March 4/11 - 4/24 May 17, 2018
April 5/9 - 5/22
May 6/6 - 6/19
June 7/11 - 7/24 Aug 15, 2018 Aug 22, 2018
July 8/8 - 8/21
August 9/5 - 9/18
September 10/10 - 10/23 Nov 20, 2018
October 11/7 - 11/20
November 12/5 - 12/18
December 1/9 - 1/22 Mar 13, 2019 Mar 20, 2019

Travel Industry Expertise: John Packer

Let the fact that we have interviewed over one million travelers in the past ten years aid your marketing

John Packer

OmniTrak’s US Travel Lead

  • Through TravelTrakAmerica, our syndicated online travel tracking program, clients will benefit from intelligence gleaned from over a million travelers.  We know where each one of these travelers went, spent their money, how they booked, where they originated from, how they used their digital devices, and limitless other intelligence.
  • John is a marketing research professional with over 25 years of client and supplier experience.  His primary responsibilities at OmniTrak are working with travel and tourism clients to fully understand their business issues and then working with team members to design and execute research programs that will help travel and tourism clients succeed.
  • He is a chief research advisor to the US Travel Association and is the past president of the Travel and Tourism Research Association International and is affiliated with numerous travel professional societies. 

Travel Industry Expertise: Chris Kam

In search of “aha” insights that transforms research data into competitive advantage for OmniTrak’s business partners

Chris Kam

President, OmniTrak Group Inc.

  • President Chris Kam’s deep expertise in marketing research and forecasting spans more than 25 years and covers both the public and private sectors. A key OmniTrak executive, he leads the Marketing Insights and Development team which includes departments for statistics, analysis and reporting, data processing and consulting services.
  • Chris is especially known for travel and tourism industry research and forecasting. Prior to joining OmniTrak, he served as the Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau’s Senior Director of Market Insights from 1996 to 2016. Kam possesses a deep understanding of Hawai‘i’s visitor industry. He is also a popular and well-regarded speaker at national trade conferences, known for delivering complex data with useful action-oriented insights.
  • He presently serves on the Board of Directors on the Hawai‘i Chapters of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) and Pacific Asia Travel Association, and has previously served on the TTRA International Board. 

The OmniTrak Group difference

We are managed by a former DMOer. As such, we clearly understand your business issues.

Our travel practice team has over 100 years of experience in conducting and implementing travel research.

Our team integrates former Kantar TNS staff who have deep relationships with key Kantar TNS intelligence officers, allowing us to bring thought leadership from the largest custom marketing research firms into a boutique firm environment.

We are the vendor of record for the US Travel Association

Through TravelTrakAmerica, our visitor profiling program, we can link your profiling insights to ROI, satisfaction, and visitors’ digital footprints.

Our reports have one goal: to uncover insights that you can use to impact your businesses.