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For over 35 years Omnitrak has operated under the principle that marketing research must help our clients have a positive impact on their business goals. In the travel sector, we have guided tourism authorities and DMO’s on brand positioning, analyzing demand potential, profiling target markets, market segmentation, determining the impact of guest satisfaction, and measuring advertising and marketing effectiveness. In 2018, Omnitrak added a new asset to our portfolio: Traveltrak America.

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How is Traveltrak America Unique?


TraveltrakAmerica (formerly known as TravelsAmerica) is one of the largest travel profiling programs in the world. We speak to over 14,000 households every month; that’s over 1 million households over the past 6 years.


TraveltrakAmerica is the official research vendor of record to the US Travel Association and is administered by DMO professionals


Data collected monthly,  with client delivery 3 weeks after survey close


Once we know that a given traveler went to a particular destination, we have the ability to reccontact them with a custom survey


What Does Traveltrak America Capture? 

we know where they visit

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We Know How They Planned Their Trip

We Know What They Did


Our Clients

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Our Team

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Hon. Patricia M. Loui

Founder and CEO

Pat has led Omnitrak for over 35 years. Her expertise includes research, service and social marketing, and trade. As OmniTrak CEO for more than 30 years, Loui expanded the company's portfolio to the culturally diverse markets of the Pacific Rim. She has led major consulting projects for General Motors, Disney and DFS Group.  She also led OmniTrak to become the first American company to conduct market research in Vietnam after suspension of sanctions, and one of the first to undertake studies in secondary cities in China. Loui returned to OmniTrak in 2016 after serving for 4 years on the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. In this presidential-appointed, Senate-confirmed position, Loui provided leadership on the Asia portfolio. Prior to founding OmniTrak, Loui served as Chief Marketing and Product Development Officer at Bank of Hawaii.


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Chris Kam


Chris’s deep expertise in marketing research and forecasting spans more than 25 years and covers both the public and private sectors. He leads Omnitrak’s Marketing Insights and Development team which includes statistics, analysis and reporting, data processing and consulting services.  He dives deeply into survey analytics looking for the “a-ha” insights that transform research data into a competitive advantage. Kam is especially known for travel and tourism industry research and forecasting. Prior to joining OmniTrak, he served as the Hawai‘i Visitors and Convention Bureau’s Senior Director of Market Insights from 1996 to 2016.  He is also a popular and well-regarded speaker at national trade conferences, known for delivering complex data with useful action-oriented insights as well as with a sense of humor.


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John Packer

omnitrak's us travel lead

John is a marketing research professional with over 25 years of client and supplier experience.  His primary responsibilities at Omnitrak are working with travel and tourism clients to fully understand their business issues and then working with team members to design and execute research programs that will help travel and tourism clients succeed. Prior to joining Omnitrak John spent 10 years at Kantar TNS. He is a chief research advisor to the US Travel Association and is the past president of the Travel and Tourism Research Association International and is affiliated with numerous travel professional societies.